Live fish, fresh fish, delivery department

We deliver fresh live and fresh fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea to all central fish markets in Japan by LIVE FISH TRANSPORTING VEHICLE on the same day.

Fishery and aquaculture sector

We farm tiger pufferfish and Greenling in Takami-island, ShiShi - and Uwajima, so we can provide a stable supply all year round.

Processing Division

At the second factory, which has an area of 3.7 acres, fish can be landed directly from fishing boats and processed while maintaining their freshness. Thorough hygiene management ensures the supply of safe and secure products.

E-Commerce department

We have a store on Rakuten, amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, and Furusato Tax Payment sites in Japan.
For Japan: Rakuten Ichiba "Setouchi Fishermen's Seafood Wholesaler.


International Business department

Import/export and overseas investment, mainly in China and Hong Kong.