CEO Message

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

Since the establishment of our company, we have been working day by day under the management philosophy of "delivering safe, secure, and delicious seafood to our customers in the freshest condition.

I am not a representative director in name only, but I go out to the aquaculture farms and processing plants on a daily basis and sometimes board our fishing boats.

Now that we have more non-Japanese employees, we would like to create a more comfortable and homey work environment for all employees, regardless of nationality.

We will continue to work tirelessly to become a corporate organization that can further contribute to the local community.

Let's do it!

We look forward to your continued patronage.

Kuramoto Suisan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Isao Kuramoto

Company Profile

Company nameKuramoto Suisan Co.,Ltd
英文社名Kuramoto Suisan Co. Ltd.
Established February 5, 1988 
CEOIsao Kuramoto
Capital5 million yen
Number of Employees60
Address9-20 Nishihama, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa JAPAN
Our ServicesLive fish, fresh fish, and delivery department: tiger puffer fish, sea bream,
flatfish, sea bass, kampachi, longfin tuna, yellowtail, striped horse mackerel, olive yellowtail, etc.
Fishery and aquaculture sector : fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea, such as tiger puffer fish, lingcod, octopus, and sea bream.
Processing Dept : Piece of tiger puffer fish, Chirimen, Hamo, Squid eel, Octopus, Fillet of fresh fish, Frozen fish, etc.
E-Commerce department: We have a store on Rakuten, amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, and Furusato Tax Payment sites in Japan.
International Business department: :Import/export and overseas investment, mainly in China and Hong Kong.
Main Clientsがんこ寿司、(株)関門海、とらふぐ亭、第一水産、海山御坊、北海道各中央魚市場、西日本各中央魚市場
Major Suppliers各養殖業者、香川県漁業協同組合連合会、愛媛県漁業協同組合連合会、大分県漁業協同組合連合会
site areaHead office: 0.49 acres Second factory: 3.7 acres
Number of areas for aquacultureTakami-island: 25 units, ShiShi - island: 20 units, Uwajima: 10 units. per unit = 10m x 10m x 8m
Number of aquarium trucks owned7 10-ton aquarium trucks, 9 8-ton aquarium trucks, 1 4-ton aquarium truck, 6 2-ton aquarium trucks, 1 1-ton
Number of Fishing Vessels13


Feb. 1975Successor to Oya Shoten, opened Kuramoto Suisan Co. Ltd.
Feb. 1988Converted from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company for business expansion.
Dec.1988Councillor of the Takami Fisheries Cooperative Organization takes office.
Feb. 1990Established "Daifuku Trading" in Korea.
Nov. 1992Head office relocated to its current location in Nishihama, Tadotsu-cho
Aug. 1998Establishment of Dalian Ippin Foodstuffs Co.
Established Dalian Ippin Real Estate Co.
April 2002 Establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jan.2003Second factory established (Processing division established
Mar. 2004Takami Fisheries Cooperative Organization inaugurated as Director.
Takami Fisheries Cooperative Organization inaugurated as the head of the Aquaculture Group.
Aug. 2005 Expanded the second factory. * with HACCP specifications.
April 2009Established Kurayama Trading in China (opened Dalian Cantonese Cuisine and Shanghai Bakery "Sengaya")
Jul. 2013Established Internet Business Division.  Opened a store on Rakuten site.
Apr. 2014Expanded the processing plant at the second factory.  Installed quick alcohol freezer, baking machine, steamer, etc.
Feb 2018Introduced CAS freezing (CELLS ALIVE SYSTEM) freezing system for fresh fish


  • Kuramoto Suisan Co.,Ltd HeadOffice:                              9-20 Nishihama, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa JAPAN
  • Second factory:                                1066 HigashiMinatomachi, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa JAPAN
  • By train :
    5 minutes by car from JR Tadotsu Station
  • Business Hours:
    Weekdays 8:15-15:00 / Closed on weekends and holidays

  • Fresh fish morning market Inside Factory No.2 :
    「朝市 とれとれピチピチ市場」Toretore Pichi Pichi Market . Held every Sunday from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.