Carefully selected exquisite TORAFUGU (Tiger puffer fish)

厳選 極上とらふぐ 白子 鉄皮

Selected very best torafugu (Tiger puffer fish) milt & "Teppi" by Torafugu(Tiger puffer fish)

「瀬戸内漁師の海鮮問屋」 is a mail order site operated by Kuramoto Suisan Co.,Ltd

We deliver the freshest seasonal seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, such as olive young yellowtail, olive salmon, and [Sanuki-Salmon], which represent the Seto Inland Sea, to all over Japan. Kuramoto Suisan proudly offers safe and secure domestic pufferfish. We carefully select the best quality pufferfish from all over Japan by professional eyes, and after transporting them, we process them in Kagawa Prefecture to deliver them to you in the freshest condition.

とらふぐ コモンフグ ナシフグ てっさ 水揚げ

Selected very best TORAFUGU (Tiger puffer fish) milt

Milt" is one of the most popular parts of Torafugu(tiger puffer fish) .
The rich taste and texture is one of the best!
Grilled "Torafugu(tiger puffer fish) Milt"
The savory taste of the milt that melts out from inside the crispy, popping Milt is irresistible.
Boiled "Torafugu(tiger puffer fish) Milt"
The thick, mellow and rich milt will spread in your mouth.
You can enjoy the taste of milt in its purest form.

とらふぐ白子 しらこ

Torafugu(tiger puffer fish)Teppi

Teppi" is the edible skin of the Torafugu(tiger puffer fish).

It is rich in collagen.
The "Teppi" is one of the most popular edible parts of torafugu, with a unique texture and flavor.
Because it contains the most collagen of all the Torafugu(tiger puffer fish), it melts and disappears "sizzlingly" when placed in the mouth!
Kuramoto Suisan's "Teppi" is already "boiled" for the best taste, so you can eat it as it is.