Natural Live Hamo (Japanese conger eel) Teriyaki from the Seto Inland Sea


「瀬戸内漁師の海鮮問屋」 is a mail order site operated by Kuramoto Suisan Co.,Ltd

We deliver the freshest seasonal seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, such as olive young yellowtail, olive salmon, and [Sanuki-Salmon], which represent the Seto Inland Sea, to all over Japan.Kuramoto Suisan proudly offers safe and secure domestic pufferfish.
We carefully select the best quality pufferfish from all over Japan by professional eyes, and after transporting them, we process them in Kagawa Prefecture to deliver them to you in the freshest condition.

しらす しらす干し ちりめん

Fresh Hamo (Japanese conger eel) Teriyaki from the Seto Inland Sea

Only our company, which has access to delicious fresh hamo (Japanese conger eel), can offer this dish.The most delicious teriyaki hamo from a long-established ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant)

The standard product at department stores is now available online.We offer high-class hamo at a low price that only a wholesaler can offer.Natural Live Hamo (Japanese conger eel) from the Seto Inland Sea.Teriyaki (grilled) hamo (Japanese conger eel) with the freshness that only a fishmonger can provide.Only the finest hamo is selected and seasoned with our secret sauce.Please enjoy the delicious teriyaki hamo (hamo cooked in teriyaki sauce) at home.

鱧 ハモ はも 照り焼き

Caramelized sand lance(Ikanago-no-kugi-ni)

Kagawa Prefecture simmered Caramelized sand lance(Ikanago-no-kugi-ni)

The "original taste" of freshly caught sand lance can be brought out only by cooking them freshly.We cook fresh "sand lance(ikanago)" quickly using skilled techniques.
When "sand lance(ikanago)" is carefully simmered in our secret sauce, the flavorful "Caramelized sand lance(Ikanago-no-kugi-ni)" is completed.We have kept the same taste for many years because of its simplicity.

いかなご イカナゴ 小女子 玉筋魚くぎ煮