Large truck driverLive and fresh fish On-site workersLive fish delivery staff (1t-4t)
Fisherman (apprentice)Food processingSales marketer Planning and proposal salesperson
Accounting paperworkGeneral clerks

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A person who always thinks and always acts, and can make proposals on own.

  • Have good communication skills to cooperate with many people as a team.
  • A person who is always willing to improve, regardless of age or experience.

Large truck driver

Live fish transportation (one-man).

Transport live and fresh fish by 8-ton and 11-ton trucks from Kagawa to Osaka and back (two days and one night), Kagawa to Tokyo and back (three days and two nights), and Kagawa to Kyushu and back (two days and one night). Working hours may vary depending on the cargo.
Experienced large truck drivers are preferred. (No experience is necessary.) Those without a heavy-duty vehicle license are required to apply after joining the company.
Those who do not have a large-size car license will be able to obtain one after joining the company.

Live and fresh fish On-site workers

This job involves going to the port to pick up fish taken by fishermen and weighing and sorting them.
This includes sea bream, octopus, other wild fish, and farmed fish.
Work is done by a 2-ton truck (hand-loading) with two senior employees.
Processing work for shrimp, shirasu, squid roe, etc.

Live fish delivery staff (1t-4t)

Live and fresh fish transportation. Delivery within Kagawa Prefecture (mainly to supermarkets and taverns) 1-ton to 4-ton trucks will be used.

Fisherman (apprentice)

General operation of the fishery.

Diving gear fishing ・Repairing nets, etc.

Diving gear fishing ・Pairing of nets, etc.

Fugu cultivation and on-board work are also required. Apprentice fishermen are also acceptable. We welcome anyone who is interested in fish and the sea. Age Limit: Yes (25 years old or younger) Reasons for Age Limit: Career development

Food processing

You will be processing food products (marine products). You will work in the second plant. Boiling, boiling, baking, drying, seasoning. Bottling, packing, small portioning, and packaging operations, etc. We process a variety of marine products, mainly squid roe, shirasu, and hamo. *The work is not difficult. We welcome applications from inexperienced workers! Light trucks will be used (driven) when traveling between Plant 2 and the head office. Driving is only for those who are able to do so.

Accounting paperwork

Sales and purchase data entry
Telephone answering service, etc.
Accounting software is PCA. Because there is some input work on the computer, those who can use Excel are welcome.
Experience is preferred.

General clerks

Sales, purchase tallying, data entry of vouchers (by computer) Business operations, telephone reception, etc.

Sales marketer Planning and proposal salesperson

Planning and proposal sales duties at a marine products company.
Sales operations for fresh fish, live fish, and processed marine products. Sales activities are not outside visits, but mainly sales by e-mail, telephone, use of SNS, etc. Customers are mainly markets and supermarkets. Overseas sales There is no sales quota.
*Our sales method is to receive purchase requests from customers for fresh fish, etc. landed by our company-owned fishing boats and sell them to them. Therefore, sales activities are conducted by telephone and e-mail, etc., rather than by making visits outside the company.

Flow of applying for a job

Please apply through the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SECURITY OFFICE "Hello Work".
Please read the information on this site carefully before applying through Hello Work.
Please search for the office under "Hello Work" office number: 3702-100772-2.
[Hello Work Internet Service] is available here.
After application, screening of documents
After being contacted by Hello Work, selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail or phone within two business days to arrange an interview date. Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process regardless of whether they are selected or not.
Job interview
You can come to our office or we can interview you online via Zoom. Please do not hesitate to talk frankly with us about your job description, work style, salary (compensation), etc.
Notification of acceptance or rejection results after interview
We will send you the result of acceptance or rejection by phone or e-mail.
After final confirmation of salary, benefits, etc., an offer of employment will be made upon mutual agreement.
We will ask you about your preferred date of employment, which will be decided in coordination with our company's schedule.